Whisky Live 2017 to be Hobart’s last

Posted by: Nick and Ted

Whisky Waffle at Whisky Live

Whisky Waffle were proud attendees at Hobart’s first ever Whisky Live event in 2016. Sadly, this year it also seems we were present at its last. Event organiser Ken Bromfield put a slight dint in our merry state when he informed us that due to lack of ticket sales, Whisky Live would not be returning to Hobart in 2018.

Whisky Waffle Live

Despite this sad news we, along with our Waffle-fellowship, had an epic and (very) waffly time, with some of the highlights being:

– Meeting Murray Campbell from Bruichladdich and learning from a born and bred local about the Distillery (and getting to try not one, but two Octomores!).

Whisky Waffle Bruichladdich Murray

– Kenny’s assertion that Four Roses is the ‘least offensive bourbon you will ever taste’. Ted thought it really did taste like roses and was told to stop being pretentious (in reality it actually tasted like bourbon).

– Meeting Jack Lark (he of MasterChef Junior snail porridge fame and son of the Bill) and inquiring about his cheese and singing teachers. We would like to remind him that he promised to come to our upcoming whisky event in Burnie

Whisky Waffle and Jack Lark

– The Italian Job: trying some Italian drams and being a little uncertain about whether they got away with it

– Sampling a whole bunch of Glendronachs and marvelling at the wonder that was Grant’s striped suit.

Glendronach 21 a parliament of perfection

– Savouring a rather glorious Glenfarclas 40 Year Old from the Old & Rare bar – a luxury purchase that was oh so worth it

– Having a great chat with Peter and Jarrod from Belgrove and getting to sample the revolutionary North East peated single malt

Whisky Waffle Belgrove peated malt

Sadly there is going to be a Whisky Live shaped hole in the calendar in 2018, but hopefully we can do our small part to provide opportunities for Tassie whisky drinkers to get together. Waffle Live 2018 anyone?

In fact, keep a close eye on whiskywaffle.com as there is a big announcement concerning our next event coming very soon!

Nick spending money

Spot the Waffler!



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