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What if you would like to contact one of our Tasmanian idols? There’s a few of them! Here are some links.

Hi-res PDF version: tas-distilleries-map-by-tas-whisky-academy

Our Tassie Idols:

Lark Distillery

Nant Distilling Company

Hellyers Road Distillery

Heartwood Malt Whisky

Sullivans Cove

Old Hobart Distillery (Overeem)

William McHenry and Sons Distillery

Redlands Estate

Belgrove Distillery

Fannys Bay Distillery

Southern Wild Distillery

Launceston Distillery (Hangar 17)

Shene Estate Distillery

The Tasmanian Whisky Academy




  1. Ahoy there Whisky wafflers, nice to find a new-to-me site with a broad range of reviews and a refreshing (i.e., no bloviated pontificating, in fact a leavening of humor) approach to the subject. I only wish I could ‘follow’ but WordPress does not believe my email addr is for real, even though it is the one they use for their account. Go figure. REst assured I’ll be reading. I can’t afford to try ’em all myself 🙂


    1. Is there an appropriate maritime reply to ‘ahoy’? I’m going to go with… Ahoy back!
      Thanks for the comment! We do enjoy our not-so-bloviated-pontificating – and like to have some fun along the way. Or perhaps the (attempted) humour is simply the whisky talking. You’ll have to decide that for yourself!
      Keep on waffling,


  2. Hi Fella’s
    Just wondering if you can clear up something for me ? Do you know if Sullivan’s Cove or Nant use E150a colouring in any of there range ? Ive just been reading up on its use in whisky and was just interested if it may be used in our local drop.

    Thanks very much


    1. Hey man. While Tasmanian whisky is not without the influence of E150a I do believe that the two whiskies you mention do not use it. I can’t say this with absolute certainty but no one I’ve spoken to at either distillery have given me cause to think so.
      The thing is, so much whisky over here is matured in ex-port barrels which tends to provide a dark colour in nearly no time, so it’s almost impossible to tell.
      Tassie distillers need to get in the same habits as their Scottish counterparts and include the statement “all natural colouring” on their labels.
      Then again, it’s a sad world when you have to do so…
      Thanks for the comment. Keep on waffling,


  3. Thanks for the info Nick much appreciated. While I understand the whisky distillers need the product to look a certain way for the brand, I believe adding anything artificial for the sake of uniformity to whisky takes away some of the charm.



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