We Waffle in multiple media mediums! Have a listen to Nick and Ted as they Waffle in radio form on the Whisky Waffle Podcask… I mean cast!

The Whisky Waffle High Spirits List

Episodes will contain:

The Waffle: Our tongue in cheek discussion of a whisky topic

The Whisky: A tasting of two whiskies and our rambling about them

Whisky Would You Rather: an impossible whisky-themed choice

Smash, Session or Savour: when presented with three whiskies, which would we smash, session or savour?

Waffling With: an interview with a distiller or someone in the whisky industry

From the Spirit Sack: we answer random whisky questions from our listeners

Mystery Whisky: where one Waffler springs a surprise whisky on the other

Sour Plums: the tasting note challenge – of reviews we’ve already written

Drinking Buddies: A friend drops around to Waffle right back at us

Unlucky 13: where we line up 13 whiskies and pick them one by one until an unlucky 13th remains

Fresh Meat: where we open a brand new bottle and give our first impressions

Head to Head: where we compare two whiskies with some kind of connection

Dram in the Box: where we open a mystery box and reveal the whisky inside

And many, many more…