Whisky News

There are so many whisky related developments occurring in Tasmania and around the world right now! We thought we’d try and keep track of a few of them.

30/09/20 Welcome to the House of Lark

30/11/19 Whisky Waffle Summer Drams

06/10/19 Turner Stillhouse nears completion

26/07/19 The North Unites for Tas Whisky Week

29/01/19 Tassie Takes on the 2019 World Whisky Awards

31/01/19 Southern Wild open their new venue

13/08/18 Tasmanian Whisky Week 2018

30/04/18 Whisky Waffle presents: EuroWaffle

11/03/18 Whisky Waffle Launch Irish Whiskey Week

14/11/17 Whisky Waffle host Christmas drinks at the Chapel

14/10/17 Thus Spake Jim Murray – 2018: A Whisky Bible

27/09/17 Whisky Waffle Launch Podcast

10/09/17 Deviant Distillery: this is not whisky

22/08/17 Ardbeg add An Oa to the Family

1/08/17 Tas Whisky Week Comes to the North West

10/07/17 Whisky Waffle to Waffle around the world

29/06/17 Whisky Live 2017 to be Hobart’s last

8/05/17 Whisky Waffle Sell Out

25/04/17 Whisky Waffle to host tasting event in Burnie

9/03/17 Troubling revelations emerge about embattled Tasmanian distiller Nant

13/02/17 Southern Wild: open for business

2/02/17 Big Score for Ardnahoe: Jim McEwan joins the team

9/01/17 Delving into Dark Valley: the launch of Tassie’s latest dram

13/12/16 Whisky Waffle launch Islay Week

1/11/16 Tasmanian Whisky Academy reveal their map of Tassie

20/10/16 Rye Reaps Rewards: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017

12/07/16 Tasmania and Whisky Waffle launch Tasmanian Whisky Week

8/06/16 Whisky Live comes to Hobart

17/02/16 Trouble at Old Mill: Tasmanian distillery rocked by bankruptcy

20/12/15 A Brave New World: Diageo invest in Australian distillery

17/12/15 Happenings at Hellyers Road

20/11/15 Cananda takes the Crown Royal of Whisky: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016

24/08/15 Henry’s Legacy continues: Hellyers Road release ‘Saint Valentines Peak’

22/07/15 Whisky Live to Hit Melbourne This Weekend

5/04/15 Whisky Business post-Easter get-together

20/03/15 Tasmanians on top of the world at the London World Whiskies Awards

18/03/15 The Glenlivet introduces the Founders Reserve

12/03/15 William Grant Masterclass: in Hobart

31/01/15 Jim Murray Rates Tasmanian Whiskies as Liquid Gold

15/11/14 Whisky Waffle announce: Johnnie Walker Week

7/11/14 Storm in a Glencairn glass: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015

2/11/14 Inaugural young whisky enthusiasts event

26/10/14 Hellyers Road Officially Launch 12 Year Old

06/10/14 Jim McEwan comes to Tasmania

16/09/14 Ardbeg returns from space!


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