Whisky Adventures

Being adventurous fellows we go on many an adventure. However, the best sort are whisky related adventures, and this page will include the details of some of the best:

Scotland 2018: The Ultimate Whisky Adventure – Part One

Distillery visits:

Launceston Distillery Land Their First Release

The Devil Went Down to Moonah: Devil’s Distillery Releases Hobart Whisky

Investigating Iron House Distillery

Down the Track to Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

A Tranquil Trip to Yamazaki Distillery

Spending Time at Sullivans Cove

A Stopover at Starward

Larking about at Lark

Welcome to the Southern Wild

Sheltering at Shene Estate

Return to Redlands

A Rye Look at Belgrove Distillery

Landing at Launceston Distillery

Having fun at Fannys Bay

Moseying on over to Mt Uncle

Navigating to the New World Distillery

Hanging out at Hellyers Road

Rambling at Redlands

Other Adventures:

An evening with Laphroaig’s Dan Woolley

An Evening with the Tasmanian Moonshine Company

King in the north: Fannys Bay Distillery launches its whisky

Fiddlers: a (Loch Ness) monster of a whisky bar

The Bruny Island House of Whisky

An afternoon at The Angel’s Share

Whisky Tales: Stories to drink to

Bakery Hill: vertical tasting

Waffling at Whisky Live 2015

William Grant & Sons Come to Burnie

An evening at Hellyers Road: 12 years in the making

The Rock-Star of Whisky: an evening with Jim McEwan

Blind Tastings:

Hellyers Road Blind Tasting Challenge

Johnnies Night

Waffling at the Chapel:

Whisky Waffle’s Tour of Scotland

Whisky Appreciation and Nosing Collective nights:

Whisky Appreciation and Nosing Collective – Night 1

Whisky Appreciation and Nosing Collective – Night 2

Whisky Business Nights:

Night One

Whisky and Chocolate Pairing Night


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