Whisky Musings

This page features various articles documenting our thoughts, ideas, and opinions about all things whisky. It is the location of the true ‘whisky waffle’ this site is named after.

The 2017 Waffle Awards

The 2016 Waffle Awards

The 2015 Waffle Awards

The 2014 Waffle Awards

How we drink our whisky

The Fault in Our Stars: an explanation of the Whisky Waffle rating system

The Ultimate Top Three Introductory Whiskies

Irish Whiskey: a series of unfortunate events

“We’ve never claimed they’re going to taste the same”: A musing on single barrel releases

A whisky identity crisis

An ode to Islay

Lagavulin: 200 years of peated perfection

Reflections on a visit to Islay

Queries from a first time Waffler

Confessions of a Geriatric Whisky Newbie Part 2

Rye reflections: my visit to Belgrove

Four must-visit Scottish whisky distilleries

Whisky Waffle celebrate Tasmanian whisky

The day my head exploded in a cloud of smoke: a whisky memory

No age no good? Whisky Waffle wade into the NAS debate

NAS Week: A bad wrap

A Brave New World: Diageo invest in an Australian distillery

Distilled not Diluted: A rebuttal from a cynical Scotsman

A whisky book review: Kudelka and First Dog’s Spiritual Journey

Big Peat, or The Perks of Random Conversation at the Bar

Ardbeg: A Journey Through Time – the beginning

Ardbeg: A Journey Through Time – the coming of age

Whisky Waffle Present: Whisky World

Whisky Waffle Present: American Whiskey Week

American Whiskey Week: what we’ve learned

Tasmanian Whisky Tours: a story worth telling

The Coming of Age of a Non-Whisky Drinker

Johnnie Walker: the Verdict

An elegy to the Johnnie Walker Green Label

The Greatest Whisky in the World (conditions apply)

My trip to Talisker and the discovery of a sense of whisky community

Top 5s:

Top 5 Islay Distilleries

5 Whisky Waffle Winter Warmers

5 Whiskies I would like to try in 2015

5 Drams to enjoy at Christmas


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