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  1. Hi Nick
    My favourite Whisky is the Cragganmore Distillers Edition (double matured) – since quite a long time.
    Just come and visit us… If you don’t like it, there are quite a lot of other Whiskies to taste ! 😉
    Cheers Franziska


    1. Hey!
      I’ve had the 12 year old Cragganmore before – and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to hunt down the distillers edition!
      And yes, I will also have to come and visit – I’m saving up my pennies for a future Europe trip!


  2. Nice blog!

    “We drink way too much whisky.

    Then use way too many words talking about it.”

    I own / owned quite a lot of whiskies you describe on your page. No I feel like I drink too much too 😉

    I am looking forward to some reviews! Nice resource for my next whisky-shopping 🙂



    1. Thanks very much! I’ll be interested to see if you agree/disagree with any of our opinions! Be sure to let us know! Plus, if you have any recommended bottle for us to try, we’d love to know about them!
      Keep on waffling,

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  3. Hi Ted, you look really cheerful and happy. The reason should be tasting a variety of interesting spirits like apple hatchet, rye, barley whatever.. Continue this tradition with your family and I love this Whisky waffles at weekends more. haha..ha


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