William ‘Stretch’ Borthwick

Stretch 3

When asked what I think about whisky, my first thoughts are its just another alcoholic drink. But on further thought it’s more than that. It’s just another alcoholic drink that’s pretty fancy. I would compare it more similarly to wine, where they both have different varieties, different notes of flavour, and both are pretty fancy. However where wine is a much enjoyed drink over a meal, and for late nights playing cards, whisky is not. This is something, with the help of Nick and Ted, will soon change.

To my friends I am known as ‘Stretch’, and one look up at me is all you need to work out why….it’s because I’m tall. I grew up in Melbourne with both parents working in the food industry where it was pretty inevitable that I came to love all things food and drink. Especially those of the finer variety. If ever there was need for a poster boy of the saying “live to eat rather than eat to live”, that would be me.

Whisky however has completely eluded me. It is a terrible drink that doesn’t taste of anything and simply burns my throat. So it goes without saying that past experiences have not helped. It wasn’t until my good friends Skreech and Ted showed me what good whisky is that I have come to change my tune. So now I am on a ‘whisky odyssey’, a journey of sorts, to grasp the finesse of whisky appreciation. It will be a long and arduous journey, one on which I am unwilling to undertake alone, however it is one I must take to truly appreciate all things food and drink.



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