Trappers Hut

Reviewed by Nick and Ted:

TH 1

While the Tasmanian whisky scene is still relatively unknown worldwide, there are some home grown drops that even locals won’t be able to tell you much about. Case in point is the Trappers Hut, a whisky that we hadn’t heard about until recently.

The legend goes that an earlier incarnation of Sullivans Cove produced a number of barrels that fell into the hands of their investors. The investors were left with two options: 1. Throw a massive whisky party for their friends (we may have made that up) or 2. Pay the excise and bottle it under their own label. They opted for number two and so Trappers Hut was born.

Light in colour and on the nose, the Trappers Hut has sweet bourbony characteristics. The initial taste is one of sweet citrus cordial, but it quickly gives way to bitter grassy notes. The finish leaves a strange lasting metallic tang, like sucking on an old spoon.

Whilst an oddity amongst Tasmanian whiskies is a fun thing to try, the result is more an exercise in whisky appreciation than an enjoyable dram. If you ever see it in a bar certainly give it a shot due to its rare nature and its provenance, just don’t set your expectations of the flavour too high.



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